You are not your fat cells

That’s what I realized after years of waging war against my body.

Achieving our version of a dream body is a difficult task. At least that’s been my experience as a professional dieter (I’ve since retired).

We’ve got diets, cleanses, pills, supplements, powders, exercise regimens, diet plans from experts, diet plans from movie stars, diet plans from our mothers, sisters, friends, coworkers, newspapers, magazines, blogs, famous psychologists with TV shows, all of which guarantee you’ll lose the weight.

But it’s never as easy as they promise, right?

Weight loss is more like a trap than a game. Or a bad carnival ride that swings us up, down, and around only to spit us back where we started along with a massive headache.

That’s not my sort of fun.

What if I told you that there’s a way to lose weight and keep it off that didn’t involve any of the weight loss fads? What if you could do it with just one thing that doesn’t cost a dime.

It’s you (silly). Just your beautiful self.

Until you learn to accept the body you have, and dare I say, love and respect her, you’ll remain trapped in that miserable diet game. 

How many diets have you begun with the thought “This time I’ll lose the weight!” only to have the pounds return once again? And where does it usually leave you? Most likely with an on-going sense of shame, failure, and a bad taste in your mouth from all the cabbage you had to eat.

Let’s imagine for a moment, a life where you are grateful for your body. For the thighs that seem just a little too thunderous. The arms or butt that jiggle along with your iPod tunes. Or perhaps the tummy that you curse every time you look in the mirror.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to love the body you have. Right now. Forget if you have 5 pounds to lose or even 100. The number doesn’t matter. As long as you view your body as an enemy those pounds will always plague you…or come back for revenge!

Today is the day to put an end to the silly dieting game. To call a truce with the scale.

Today is the first day towards learning to love the body that you have.

And amazingly, once you do, you’ll discover how much easier it is to lose the pounds and create the body you’ve always wanted.

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