Coffee + Milk= ?

In a previous post (like, last year) I told you that putting milk in your tea will block some of the antioxidants that are naturally found in tea (my personal fave is green tea.) To recap that post: Milk and tea= bad. Tea + lemon= good.

But what about coffee and milk? Good question!

In the Journal of Nutrition in February 2010, scientists give the green light to adding some milk to your coffee. The antioxidants in coffee (yes, there are some!) have been linked to some health benefits, such as lowering the risks of diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and colon cancer. For a great read on the benefits of coffee, check out this article.

Anyway, go right ahead and pour in your milk. Keep in mind, however, that adding milk adds calories, and if you have a few cups a day, it can add up.

Let’s talk about the effects of sugar and non-dairy creamer in your coffee, shall we? Yes, let’s do!

According to the study by Nestle, researchers found that adding sugar and non-dairy creamer DID reduce the absorption of coffee antioxidants.

These scientists tested the blood levels of antioxidants after 9 subjects drank black instant coffee, instant coffee plus whole milk, and instant coffee plus nondairy creamer and sugar.

As you might guess, adding milk made no difference, but the creamer plus sugar combination reduced maximum concentrations of the antioxidants tested.

Obviously, a study of 9 people is very small, and I am curious about using non-dairy creamer alone vs. sugar alone, and see what the antioxidant levels are with those consumed on their own (in coffee)

Either way, non-dairy creamer and sugar, and milk, ALL add calories. A little bit in your coffee won’t hurt you, but if you drink a half a pot of coffee a day, it definitely adds up (and that much coffee isn’t good for anyone!)

Drink safe and smart!

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