All About Faux Gras and an Interview with the Regal Vegan

I have a super special treat for you today, friends. I have sampled the most delicious new food product out there in the market (called Faux Gras) and I just NEED to share it with you.

Not only that, but the creator of Faux Gras (a vegan alternative to Fois Gras), Ella Nemcova aka The Regal Vegan has been gracious enough to answer my questions.

Let me repeat: Faux Gras is amazing. I never liked the original stuff (who needs all that fat and cholesterol) and the thought of eating liver kinda skeeves me out. Faux Gras is smooth, creamy, tasty, and best of all, healthy. It’s a staple now in my refrigerator.  Check out the website for some more information.

Cake & Carrots:  How long has Faux Gras been in the making?

Ella Nemcova: I ran a Vegan dinner delivery service for 3 years, so I had the opportunity to experiment with lots and lots of food. Faux Gras came out of a Russian dish called “The Anastasia” as an homage to the food I grew up with.

C&C: You used to be a chef making vegan meals…what made you want to change your focus?

EN: The delivery service was so awesome for so many reasons, but limited in its reach. When I think of my mission to make delicious, healthy food easy for people to get and financially accessible, it isn’t the service. With Faux Gras now in 17 stores – it’s much easier to get good foods out there, and lays some groundwork for more healthy creations.

C&C: What has been your biggest success? Biggest hurdle?

EN: Well, the success right now is people love the stuff. Some die-hard vegans tell me they have made it part of their regular food rotation, some non-vegans claim to be addicted, and some jewish grammas are convinced there is liver in there. So that’s been amazing feedback.  The biggest hurdle is the learning curve around running this kind of business. I love certain parts of it, and others I would like to hide in a closet and not open for many years.

C&C: Where can we find Faux Gras?

EN: Faux gras is available at these fine stores:

 Park Slope: Blue Apron Foods, Back to the Land, Park Slope Food Coop

Williamsburg: Sunac

Fort Greene: Green Grape

Brooklyn Heights: Perelandra

Ditmas Park: Natural Frontier

 Lower East Side: Earth Matters

East Village: Commodities

West Village: Lifethyme

Gramercy: Natural Frontier

Upper East: Natural Frontier, East Side Health Upper West: Health Nuts, Columbus Natural Foods Midtown East: Health Nuts Midtown West: Westerly

C&C: Does it come in any other “flavors?

EN: It is currently only sold in one flavor – but I do sell a truffled version at markets and I am working on a Påté de Campagne version with some big herb flavor and more chunky vegetables.

C&C: What can we expect from you next?

EN: Not sure when “next” is going to happen – but stay tuned. I tend to debut new products at the foodie markets (one in Greenpoint coming up May 22). I have a pasta sauce that is ridiculous, some seed crackers I love and a basil spread that is too good for primetime.

C&C: And, of course, tell us all about you!!!

EN: I’m a Brooklyn native, born in Latvia. I worked in advertising for 9 years before leaving to pursue my passion of travel, and good food. I came back and worked with a health counselor to get really healthy and feel amazing. I spend so much of my time talking about food that she thought I should be in the food world. Once I went on a cleanse and found a way to make it a “foodie-friendly” cleanse, with no gastronomic deprivation, I kept eating that way. Eventually, people started to ask me to cook for them – and The Regal Vegan was born. I then pursued my own health-coaching career at IIN – and now spend most of my time making and promoting healthy eating. I love experimenting with food and learning new techniques – as in my Macchaifi Kanacha green tea Kombucha  and my nascent Shiso spouts, I have a fetish for interior design, and love to dance to soulful house music.

Thanks, Ella, for sharing with us. Visit Ella at The Regal Vegan to learn more about her services and Faux Gras!

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  1. anita May 13, 2010 at 3:40 am #

    Shiso sprouts?! I can not wait to see what Ella will do with those. -an admiring fan

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