Superwoman ain’t got NOTHIN’ on The Bionic Burger

If you’re on my site, I doubt you eat much fast food. But most of us do, on occasion anyway (Compared with the rest of the United States who eats McDonald’s every day of the week. YES…every. day. of the week)

Check out this short video on The Bionic Burger. Yes, it’s kitschy and a bit cheesy (ha ha, like a cheeseburger. Get it? Oh, nevermind). But it’s ridiculously disgusting that a McDonald’s burger could last this long.

SPOILER ALERT: My only question is why this guy would put a hamburger in his POCKET and not have his closet smell like fast food. Personally, I am so sensitive to the smell that if someone brings McDonalds near me (on an airplane), I want to punch them in the face. Not really, but you get my point.

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