Love Your Body Day–The Recap

Whew! What a day I had yesterday!

Over 700 women signed up and tuned in to the all-day, first annual Love Your Body Day Telesummit I hosted with my mom. Coordinating the event was definitely a labor of love, and though at times I wanted to punch my fist through the computer, the end result was perfect. Plus, I got to create this event with my mom…how lucky am I?

If you missed the event, not to worry…you can catch the replays FREE until tonight at midnight by clicking here. Plus, you’ll have the option to get the Body Boost Upgrade for the low price of $97, which includes all 20 interviews (beautifully packaged and shipped to you) plus gifts and bonuses totaling over $15,000. Um, yeah. Wow.

So, if you caught some of the interviews or didn’t, I want to give you a recap of the 5 most important things I learned from our 19 incredible experts:

1.  Be proactive. It’s amazing how each interview included this concept. Being proactive means setting up habits and practices NOW (even if your in your 20s!) to set yourself up for success as you age.  Feeding yourself wholesome, nutritious foods (and not too much), establishing an exercise routine you love, and finding time each day for self care are all “musts” for a truly delicious, healthy life. I learned that we stop building bone by the time we’re 30, and also start losing muscle mass around that age, too. Yeah, that’s a bit scary to hear. But, by being proactive you can set practices in motion to maintain (and promote) both your muscle and bone health as you age. And also, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself!

2. Self care is essential. Quite honestly, this was the most important theme of the whole day for my life. After speaking with these women who have mastered the art of self care, I realized that I was doing a pretty piss-poor job of nurturing myself.  I was putting exercise, down time, and stress management on the back burner (and I have extra pounds and exhaustion to prove it). I will now practice what Gina DeVee taught us:  Don’t leave self-care until the end of the day. Make it a priority, and do it first thing in the morning. Well said, Gina! Again, establishing healthy habits and routines now will set you up for life.

3. Look inward. Again, every single expert we spoke to touched upon this theme. Whether it’s finding the outfit or hairstyle that best represents you, accessing  your feminine and sensual energy, or just loving what you see in the mirror, it’s all about YOU.  As women, we’re blessed with a heightened sense of intuition and it’s important that we listen and follow  it. Find ways to connect to your  inner self, whether it’s closing your eyes for 5 minutes and breathing, doing mirror work, or journaling. I tried Deborah Kagan’s exercise this morning: staring at myself in the mirror, looking into my left eye (the receiving eye) and just being present with myself for just 60 seconds. What a powerful exercise, and an incredible way to connect with my inner being in about a minute– at 7:30 in the morning.

4. Live from the neck down. This plays on “living inward,” but it’s so important to mention again. If you’re like me, you often forget that you possess a body. What I mean is that most of the day we’re so caught up in our thoughts, in our brain, that we feel like detached heads walking around. We tend to forget that we are attached at the neck to a beautiful, powerful body. Again, setting up self-care rituals and habits, exercise, deep belly breathing, and wearing clothes that honor the true you will cause you to live from your entire body, not just your head.

5. Get Support. You cannot do this alone. It’s just impossible. Take it from me: I used to be a person who hated to ask for help…I felt that it made me weak that I couldn’t do it all myself. But seriously, who was I kidding. They weren’t joking when someone said long ago “It takes a village.” It does. I’ve accessed therapists, coaches, teachers, classes, friends, family, and anyone I could get my hands on to help me better my life. Heck, I even created a telesummit to help me! If asking for help seems too difficult (I know it can seem that way), talk to one person. Talk to just one friend about a goal you have and ask for support. Approach that trainer in the gym you’ve been eying and just talk to her. Just take one step. You can even email me and I’ll help you (

Bonus: Here’s a final thought of what I learned. You might think that taking time for yourself to exercise, get a massage, or even take a nap, is selfish. After all, you’re a wife/mother/sister/daughter/employee/business owner/student/etc. Everyone’s counting on you, right? That may be, but if you’re not taking time to truly nurture yourself, to fill up your cookie jar, there’s no way in hell you can give others your best self. So actually, it’s  completely selfish NOT to take care of yourself.

So do me a favor? Do something–anything–today that you feel is completely selfish. Relish in how good it feels. And experience how amazing it is to honor and Love Your Body just a little bit more.

A big hug to you and your beautiful body!

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  1. Lauren Slayton October 25, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    Glad things went well, sorry I missed it. I am such a fan of being proactive and believe little self-oriented changes can be a springboard for other ones. The selfish part of this is hard to shake especially as a working mom.

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