Perfect to jumpstart Fall: Joulebody Kickstart Cleanse

If you’ve been reading for the past month or so, you know the recently I participated in a food/juice cleanse by Joulebody.

The Kickstart Cleanse, as Joulebody founder Yvette calls it, was an amazing experience that I recommend to anyone wanting to try a delivery-style cleanse but still wants to eat food. Doing an all-juice cleanse is a bit too drastic for me, so the Joulebody was a great compromise. Delivered in beautiful glass jars and bottles with pretty labels, I loved everything from start to finish.

So imagine my glee when Yvette told me that their new Fall menu is up and running…and this time includes brownies. I kid you not. (I looked at the menu and saw the brownie is made of maple syrup, chia, cacao, tumeric, apple, chickpea, and a mysterious Joulebody Mix)  Now that’s my sort of meal-plan.

Offered for 3 or 5 days, you can choose the length that’s right for you. I originally chose the 3 day, but I would LOVE to do that 5 day (Hear that, Yvette?!)

If you’re looking to kick a sugar habit, gain more energy and a seriously flat stomach (I kid you not!), then it’s time to rock the Kickbody Cleanse.

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2 Responses to Perfect to jumpstart Fall: Joulebody Kickstart Cleanse

  1. Lauren Slayton October 29, 2010 at 9:35 am #

    Tell me more, what will I be eating. Is it vegan? Raw? Do I get to chew? Workout while doing it? I am the ultimate guinea pig, when you do the 5 day I’m in.

    • yvette rose December 3, 2010 at 12:22 am #

      you get to eat. chew and it’s 75% raw therefore easier to digest & flavors you may be familiar with.

      very selective ingredients. let me know if you want to learn more. chk out to learn more

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