Day 4 & 5 Recap

I can give myself a gold star because baby, I’m done with the cleanse! I must say, I feel absolutely fabulous (and 4 pounds lighter). It’s not about the weight, of course, but I just feel like I’m a well oiled, perfectly humming machine.

Days 4 and 5 pretty much progressed the same. My body was used to eating smaller portions and I was satisfied from the drinks and food I was given. I usually got hungry right before my 12pm lunch and around 4pm, but as I mentioned before, I was able to tolerate my hunger, and actually welcome it. I’d been so afraid to feel hungry for a such a long time that, and I can’t believe i’m saying this, I actually enjoyed being hungry (and that’s cause I knew the next drink, juice, or meal was coming up).

My mood was pretty stable, not to many highs or lows. However, on day 4, I felt a rush of fear…like, all of the things going on inside my head just wanted to pour out. It was like a mental cleanse, my body trying to detox itself from all the negative, irrational thoughts I was having. Luckily I have supportive friends and a great husband! This made me realize that cleansing isn’t just about your stomach and food–it’s the entire body.

Here’s a recap of what I liked (and not so much liked) about the Kickstart cleanse:


1. Food/smoothies/juices tasted GOOD. I mean, really good. I looked forward to the berry smoothie and the green juice the most each day. Lunch was always hearty (and towards the end, filling), and super tasty. I always added a bit of brown rice to my lunch to make it more substantial.

2. Dinner on my own. I liked that I could assemble my own dinner. Usually it was a variation of 2 types of vegetables, brown rice, beans, ground flax seed, hemp seed, 1/4 avocado, and a little bit of truffle oil. So simple, and so delicious. After a day of mostly drinking my meals, this dinner was a feast.

3. Pretty packaging. Every drink and meal was packaged in beautiful glass jars, labeled with the  day and time it should be consumed. I was also provided with a mini insulated bag to tote my bottles around with me during the day. (They were heavy!!!)

What I wasn’t a fan of:

1. Not much support. I felt as though I was on this cleanse alone. I didn’t receive any support or paperwork before the cleanse started about what I should expect. Luckily I had done this before and I pulled out my paperwork from last time. On day 3 I got an email saying, congrats, this is your last day of the cleanse, here’s how to wean yourself off of the detox, but obviously that was meant for the 3 day cleanse. I would’ve liked an email on day 3 asking how I was doing, giving me some motivation, and then an email on the evening of day 4 telling me how to transition myself back to a normal diet after day 5.

2. The brownie. Ya’ll know I was not a fan of this brownie. Like, at all. But I still ate it anyway (it was such a small piece). And in a cruel twist of fate, I was neglected my brownie on day 5! Yes, that’s right, I had NO brownie in my bag on day 5. Ending my cleanse without that tiny bit of dessert I then realized how important that little sucker was. Sure, it wasn’t decadent tasting, but it was decadent to have dessert on a detox. Only when it wasn’t there I realized how much I missed it.

Here’s what I added to my cleanse:

1. Detox baths: warm water (as warm as you can stand) with 1 cup of epsom salts right before bed. It’s a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day and draw the toxins from your body and skin.

2. Tongue scraping: I’m a huge fan of this…it gets all the ickiness off your tongue and out of your mouth. You’d be amazed (and maybe disgusted) at what comes off your tongue. Your mouth does not need yucky bits of food hanging around. This is the scraper I use.

3. Smooth Move tea: It’s likely that you’ll get a little stopped up during the cleanse. It’s incredibly important to keep everything moving right along as your body is trying to detoxify. I use Smooth Move tea at night to give me a little “push” for the next morning. Do not use every day or more than 3 days.

4. Exercise: Try to get moving, at least just for a little bit. I couldn’t do full-on, hard core workouts, but I did do at least 30 minutes of cardio once or twice. If that’s not your bag, yoga is terrific for detoxifying mind, body, spirit.

So, that’s it my friends. 5 days have come and gone. If you live in New York City and looking to press the reset button on your diet and try something fun (and a bit challenging), I HIGHLY recommend the Joulebody Kickstart Diet. If you decide to try it, let me know! I’d love to know how you do!

Watch out for Monday’s post about what I learned about myself and eating from the cleanse. Believe me, it was alot!

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