Post-Thanksgiving Tune-Up

Me and my niece, Sasha.

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday! I know I did–I spent Thanksgiving in the Berkshires with my fam, including my grandmother, brother and sis-in-law, their 2 kids (Sasha-7 months and Gabe-2 1/2)m grandmother, aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins. And yes, we did have another blechy Thanksgiving meal (seriously lackluster, restaurant shall go unnamed). However, my Aunt and I have decided to take matters into our own hands and cook, for the first time in our family history, a home-cooked meal. VERY pleased about that.

So, did you overeat on Thanksgiving? Did you eat all the foods you only have once a year, and now you’re feeling bloated, sluggish, fat, and perhaps upset that you ate too much…again?

Seriously, don’t’s only food! Here are a few tips I’m using to get myself back on track:

1. Cut out all processed foods this week and only eat whole foods. That means whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, etc…NOT refined carbs like pasta, bread, etc) and tons, and I mean tons, of veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds.Oh, and no sugar. Sorry.

2. Exercise. I’m making an extra effort to squeeze in some exercise time, more than usual. And no, it’s not to lose weight, it’s to help me FEEL better, to get my body “humming” again. I just feel better when I’m active and sweating.

3. Lemon water in the morning. Nothing says “My insides feel clean!” than a mug of hot water with lemon. Seriously soothing first thing when you wake up (before eating) and also right before bed,

4. Detox baths. You know I’m a huge fan of Epsom salts, which help draw toxins and impurities out of your skin. Run a bath as hot as you can stand, mix in LOTS of Epsom salts, add in a few drops of Lavender essential oil and let Calgon take you away. I do this every night and it’s the only way I end my busy day.

5. Have no shame. You overate. So what? The amount of stuffing you ate, the 2 slices of pumpkin pie, while they might make you feel badly (physically and mentally), it’s just one day of eating. Your self worth is not dictated by the sweet potato casserole with marshmallows (mmmm, marshmallows). Just remember that you enjoyed a wonderful meal, time with your family, and now it’s a new day. You can easily get back to feeling like your normal self!

How do you “recover” from Thankgiving?

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