28 Day Break Free Detox Cleanse

Well, here we go…again.

Y’all know I am a fan of detoxes. Heck, I’ll try anything once…or twice. But this time I’m doing the 28 day Break Free Detox Cleanse in support of my husband.

I know how easy it is to get into poor eating habits. For me, I have ice cream once and then I’m hooked on sugar and carbs again. Well, dear husband, Matt, is the same way. However, he’s been hooked on a less than stellar diet for quite some time now. Women are not the only ones who get addicted to sugar and carbs!

Matt received an email from JJ Virgin, nutritionist and fitness expert (you might recognize her from the show Freaky Eaters), about this Break Free Detox Cleanse. The timing couldn’t have been better…and acting as guinea pig once again, I have agreed to do this with him.

The program starts today and already I have done more prep work than I have done in weeks. But  a big plus  is that I will be cooking more and going out to eat less (my wallet will be very pleased). Also, this well organized program has a forum where you can ask questions, download work sheets (like a Toxicity Quiz, Pre-Detox Symptom Sheet, and food journal), and listen to weekly calls from JJ.

So, what are my goals for this program, besides supporting Matt:

1. Lose 5 pounds

2. Break free from my sugar addiction

3. Gain more energy, especially in the morning.  There was a time when I could leap right out of bed…but in the past months, I’ve hit snooze more times than I care to admit.

So while I won’t be updating you every day, I will certainly give you updates. And if you’re interested, the program starts TODAY!

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