Food as Medicine

I am SO excited because in a few hours I will be headed to Bethesda, MD with my dear friend (and fellow IIN graduate) Michelle for an incredible nutrition conference. Hosted by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, the Food as Medicine professional nutrition training brings together the best of the best in integrative and holistic nutrition. And I’ll be there!

If you know me just a little bit, you know I’m not a “calories in-calories out” type of gal. I’ve never counted calories in my life so it’s just not my approach to nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. I’m more fascinated by how food affects our entire being–mind/body/soul, and how eating a healthy diet can transform our entire being–literally! (My friends in my clinical nutrition program think I’m totally woo-woo).

So, this week I will be blogging and tweeting from the Food as Medicine conference. I am super excited to share what I learn with you. Oh, and Rebecca Katz, one of my favorite chefs, will be cooking all of our lunches. Hollah!

Most importantly, if there’s something I write about and you want to me to expand upon it, just leave a comment!

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