Fish burps be gone!


Probably the most frequent question I get from people is which supplements I take. To be honest, it rotates a bit depending on the season, stress-levels, etc., but there are 3 supplements that I always recommend (please remember I am not a doctor so if you have health conditions, check with him/her!):

1. Vitamin D: Most people, especially women, have super low vitamin D levels, and you need D for, well, just about everything! I take 2000IU of D3 (I take D from Metagenics, which can be purchased from healthcare providers)

2. Multi-vitamin: I take one every day…I use New Chapter Organics because they are food based. Is taking a multi absolutely necessary for optimal wellbeing? Maybe, maybe not. But unless you have the perfect diet, eating foods grown in nutrient-rich soil (which we are not), then don’t take one. The rest of us (all of us) should probably be taking one.

3. Omega-3 fish oils: These are essential fatty acids (meaning our body cannot make them, so we must consume them in food) that can be found in oily fish. Fish oils can help reduce body inflammation, lower your cholesterol, and offer cardiovascular benefits. So unless you’re eating tons of fatty, oily fish (which most of us are not), fish oils should be on the list. Remember, it’s imperative that you buy fish oils from a reputable company that molecularly distill and purify the oil. Check out Nordic Naturals which can be found at Whole Foods.

One complaint with the fish oils, however, are the fishy burps that they can produce in some people. I tell you, a fishy burp at 9:30 am does not leave a good taste in my mouth. So, here’s a ¬†little trick how to stop that: FREEZE your fish oils, and swallow them frozen. Fish burp be gone!!

What supplements do you take?

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  1. Virginia August 10, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    I swear by probiotics! My whole family takes Culturelle!

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