I’m Friggin Obsessed: Suki Skin Care

My new fave skin care line

Time for this week’s friggin’ obsession, and this is a good one.

Are you a beauty whore like me? I just adore body products–bath scrubs, gels, washes, lotions, creams, cremes, facial wash, facial spray, facial scrub…the list goes on and on (and makeup is a whole other category). I am constantly buying new products to try, hoping I’ll find the holy grail of bath and body.

A friend of mine suggested a local Northampton brand to try, Suki Skin Care, developed  by a gorgeous woman named Suki (yes, she exists!). It’s completely eco-friendly, natural and organic (bonus points already), with ingredients like white willow bark, rose, aloe vera, and lemonrass. I spotted the products in their slick packaging in Whole Foods and I snatched some up to try. The result: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! What’s so fabulous about it: the ingredients are natural and organic, the products smell delicious, and they work! I am officially a Suki Skin Care addict.

Here are the products I highly recommend:

Concentrated Balancing Toner: I spray this after the shower in the morning and before bedtime at night. Make sure you apply moisturizer right after you spray, when your face is still wet. This smells divine!

Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser: This is the blue ribbon winner of best facial product I’ve ever tried. It’s a sugar scrub which foams, so not only are you exfoliating, you’re cleansing as well (hence the name). And I’ll be honest–I licked a little bit of it, and yup, it’s definitely sugar. This is a must-have product.

Eye Repair Balm: Again, hands down the best eye cream I’ve used. It’s so silky and smooth and absorbs into the skin very quickly–no more greasy eyes!

I have yet to try her hair care and other body products, but those are next on the list. Plus, it looks like Suki is moving into beauty by offering tinted moisturizer lip gloss. Check out the Suki website to purchase products online. 

What’s your go-to skincare regimen? 

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