Workshop: Did this Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? How to Embrace Your Post-Baby Body..and Feel Fabulous

Love Your Body After Baby!

Love Your Body After Baby!

Calling all Western Mass Mamas!!

I am so excited that I will be giving a workshop at The Birthplace at Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield,  on Thursday, November 7th from 6-7:30pm. Babies in arms are welcome (and being the mother of a 12 month old, anything goes–changing diapers, nursing, etc), and it’s FREE! I have to tell you, I am so thrilled to offer this workshop that mirrors exactly what I am going through  in my life–embracing my new, post-pregnancy body. It’s been a journey, let’s just leave it at that.

See the attached flyer for more info…and hope to see you there!


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