What Makes Me So Sweet?

Kate moss says that “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Really, Kate?  I have two words for you: Dark Chocolate.

My history probably sounds a lot like yours: a life of dieting, calorie counting and cleanses, hundreds of pounds gained and lost, crazy exercise classes, fits of curling into a ball and sobbing on the floor when pants don’t fit, and disordered eating (try emotional/compulsive/binge eating disorders). And that was only on a good day!

I was miserable. All the time. No matter how much weight gained or lost I was never satisfied. My body was my enemy and I needed to take it down.

I was battling 10 pounds and I was getting my ass whooped.

It finally took slamming roc bottom (hysterically crying after I ate a single chocolate chip cookie, I kid you not), and many nights secretly binge eating that I realized there had to be a better way to live. I knew that I was put on this earth to do more than wage war against a chocolate bar.

Thus began a period of intense, deep personal growth, where I slowly became aware of the damage I was doing to my psyche and my body by treating it as the enemy. I looked at all the years I was “skinny” and how I wasn’t happy (I’m telling you, Kate Moss has it all wrong!)

Over time something interesting happened: The more I looked inside the more it became apparent that loving my body had to start with truly loving myself as I was, in the moment. And with that I found myself starting to like my body a little bit (Just a little at first). But that little seed was all I needed.

Fast forward to the Amanda of today and you’ve got a woman who rocks her curvy body on good days, yet still has some of the “I feel fat” days. (I would be lying if I said otherwise). The only difference is now I’ve got magnificent tools in my hot pink tool belt to help me through the not-so-great moments. In fact, they’ve completely changed my life.

I want to help you change yours.

I live by this philosophy: There is no perfect diet, no bad food, and no one right way of eating.

And there is ALWAYS room for chocolate.

I have a background in nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach  and currently working towards my Master’s Candidate of Nutrition and Dietetics. As student of nutrition, health, wellness, and empowerment, I am committed to inspiring people to live their best, most fulfilling lives possible. I believe in incorporating many approaches of nutrition and wellness, both mainstream and alternative modalities.

In addition to my studies, I’ve made a major dent in the diet industry reading out there. Atkins, Southbeach, Raw Food, Blood Type Diet, Ayurvedic Diet, detoxes, raw food, macrobiotics, calorie restriction, juicing, and emotional eating workbooks, just to name a few. I’ve read it, studied it, and have taken each for a test drive. And in the process I’ve lost and gained hundreds of pounds.

Most recently, I have discovered Intuitive Eating and for the first time in many, many years, I am enjoying life while NOT on some sort of diet. Learning to enjoy food again, giving myself permission to eat what I want, eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full, banishing the food police–these principles are ones that I now live by.

On a personal note, I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with my husband Matt and dog, Gola.  We love eating out, cooking, riding our bikes around the neighborhood and making up silly songs about nothing in particular. You can find me writing on my blog, located three tabs to the right.

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