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Eat like an RD!

I’ve had the incredible pleasure this week of starting the clinical portion of my dietetic internship, working in a community hospital. This week I observed many outpatient sessions with a long-practicing dietitian (over 30 years in the industry) and I’d like to share her tips for weight loss success with you.  These 4 tips can [...]

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Do you Experience Decision Fatigue?

I read an awesome article in the New York Times Magazine yesterday about decision fatigue. I’d never heard that term before, but when I read about what it is, I quickly came to understand that decision fatigue is a major part of everyone’s life. Think of how many decisions you have to make each day. [...]

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Fish burps be gone!

Probably the most frequent question I get from people is which supplements I take. To be honest, it rotates a bit depending on the season, stress-levels, etc., but there are 3 supplements that I always recommend (please remember I am not a doctor so if you have health conditions, check with him/her!): 1. Vitamin D: [...]

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Life Lessons from Vacation

Vacation for me usually involves me flopping onto a lounge chair/hammock/anything that involves flopping on, eating all the foods I normally don’t eat at home (read: sugar, desserts, lots and lots of french fries) and drinking beer. I seem to never learn my lesson.  I look down at my seemingly larger thighs, pants stretched tight,  [...]

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Post-Thanksgiving Tune-Up

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday! I know I did–I spent Thanksgiving in the Berkshires with my fam, including my grandmother, brother and sis-in-law, their 2 kids (Sasha-7 months and Gabe-2 1/2)m grandmother, aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins. And yes, we did have another blechy Thanksgiving meal (seriously lackluster, restaurant shall go unnamed). However, [...]

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Chocolate Dipped Intuitive Eating at Hive Health

Happy Friday! I’m super happy because it’s Friday and Matt and I are heading to Massachusetts with our best friends for some much needed catching up and R&R. Unfortunately, I have a super painful pulled muscle in my ribs from coughing so much. Friggin hurts! But I don’t want to bore you with those details. [...]

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I knew today was going to be a good day because it’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday, and I have awesome weekend plans. However, my morning became significantly brighter when I received an email from Jared Koch, author of Clean Plates, an awesome Zagats-esque guide reviewing over 400 healthy restaurants in Manhattan. Not only [...]

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