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Eat like an RD!

I’ve had the incredible pleasure this week of starting the clinical portion of my dietetic internship, working in a community hospital. This week I observed many outpatient sessions with a long-practicing dietitian (over 30 years in the industry) and I’d like to share her tips for weight loss success with you.  These 4 tips can [...]

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I’m Friggin Obsessed: Suki Skin Care

Time for this week’s friggin’ obsession, and this is a good one. Are you a beauty whore like me? I just adore body products–bath scrubs, gels, washes, lotions, creams, cremes, facial wash, facial spray, facial scrub…the list goes on and on (and makeup is a whole other category). I am constantly buying new products to [...]

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Do you suffer from Supermarket Stupor?

Over the summer I moved to Western Massachusetts. I live in an amazingly cute, vibrant town called Northampton, which reminds me a lot of my old ‘hood in Brooklyn. Matt, Gola and I couldn’t be happier. It did take me some time, however, to get used to a different way of life. I did move [...]

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GOT the facts on MILK?

I just finished watching a new documentary called “Got the Facts on Milk?”, a play on the popular “Got Milk” campaign. I am now pleased, and proud, to announce that I am a dairy-free girl. While in the past months I’ve majorly cut down on my dairy consumption (99% in the form of cheese), it’s [...]

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Where the Guac meets my middle finger

I’m ranting about Burger King today. Not for the obvious reason that their food sucks, is disgusting, and is largely unfit for human consumption. That’s a whole other story. I got a promotional mailer from BK (How the heck did I, a nutritionist, get on their mailing list? Wrong target market, people!) promoting the *new* [...]

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Bangs totally changed my life

Here’s something fun for today! As a resident blogger at Lock and Mane, a website which carries the most incredible hair products (and owned by my bestest friend ever), I wrote a blog post detailing my latest adventure in hair: getting bangs! Check out how just a few snip-snips of the scissors were able to [...]

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