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You Need to lose 5 pounds–Says who?

Today’s post was inspired by a fantastic newsletter that was delivered to my inbox this morning. The email, sent by Institute for the Psychology of Eating, mentioned something so good I had to read it three times. Tell me if this sounds like your inner-voice: “You have to lose 5 pounds (or 10, 20).” “You’re [...]

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Back on the map and managing expectations

I’ve resurfaced (yet again) and let me tell you, it’s been a whirlwind! I’ve been living in Western Massachusetts (Northampton, to be exact) for a little over 2 weeks now and I am in LOVE with this area. It’s the perfect mix of a funky, quirky, heady downtown and farm country. Perfect for me. Unfortunately, [...]

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Square Peg. Round Hole. (Or Round Butt. Tight Jeans)

Yesterday I went to dinner and a movie (Green Lantern–movie was meh, but Ryan Reynolds’  abs made up for it) and enjoyed one of my last gorgeous New York nights. If you need a catch-up, I’m moving from NYC to Western Massachusetts and this Thursday is officially my last day in the city. Anyway, at [...]

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I’m friggin’ obsessed: Coconut Oil

Friggin’ Obsessed day is usually Friday, but I’m MOVING this weekend! And not just moving across town..I’m moving to a new state! This born and bred New York gal is hauling herself over to Western Massachusetts (Northampton to be exact) where I will be completing my dietetic internship at Keene State College (which is in [...]

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Food IS Medicine

As you know, I just got back from the Food as Medicine conference in Bethesda, MD. I spent 4 glorious days listening to the rock stars of holistic/integrative medicine and nutrition, like Mark Hyman MD, Neal Barnard MD,  Kathie Swift MS RD, and Chef Rebecca Katz. This conference was reinforcement that integrative nutrition is 100% [...]

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Food as Medicine Day 3 Recap

Yesterday was a super-full day with incredible lectures, another delicious meal by Chef Rebecca Katz, and information that will take me months to process! I’m  bit short on time right now (extra glass of wine last night is slowing me down!), so here’s the recap for yesterday: Simplifying Supplements by Kathie Swift, MS, RD -Supplements [...]

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