Let’s Work Together

If you’re here, you made it past my home page and you want to know more. How exciting is that?

  • Have you been feeling stuck with your diet and need some help?

  • Are you looking to manage pregnancy-related issues, including gestational diabetes? 

  • Are you living in a post-baby fog with the desire to gain more energy and lose the baby weight?

  • Do you want to learn how to embrace your postpartum body and become “besties” again?

Thought so.  Let’s talk.

I work with women of all ages and empower them to love their bodies and live ridiculously amazing, juicy, and miraculous lives.  To me there’s no other way to live!  I show you how break the dieting cycle that so many people are trapped in and help you to lose weight naturally, gracefully, and healthily. When done this way, the weight is lost. For good. 

While my clients have spanned the life cycle, I specialize in working with women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or in the postpartum period.  I absolutely loved my 9 months (well, really 10) months of pregnancy and still feel extremely connected to that time in my life. I too am navigating the post-baby world, and have great compassion and empathy for women who are right there with me. I’ve certainly learned how difficult it can be to accept and appreciate your post pregnancy body! For that reason, I have a strong passion to help other women feel better about themselves in their new motherhood role.

Here are what some people are saying about working with me:

Amanda is the first person I come to when I need a confidence boost, or someone to put it all into perspective for me. Whether I’m having a “fat” day or just having a rough day and getting down on myself, I know I can always talk to Amanda and she will lift my spirits and give me the pep talk I need to get me right back on my feet. She truly has a gift for making me feel more empowered and stronger than I felt before”. Melissa F, NEW YORK

Amanda’s incredible dedication to health and wellness keeps her on the cutting edge. She is kind yet effective in her holistic approach. Over the last 2 years, she has helped me to understand what real health means and how itcan be most easily achieved. I cannot say enough good about this truly talented woman; Amanda you are amazing!! Christina P, Washington, DC.

The supermarket tour with Amanda was nothing short of amazing. Even for someone like myself who already knows so much about nutrition, it was no doubt a learning experience in so many ways.” Sasha M, New York

Want to talk coaching? I offer both single strategy sessions and 3-and 6-month packages. Supermarket tours are also available upon request.




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