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I’m Friggin Obsessed: Suki Skin Care

Time for this week’s friggin’ obsession, and this is a good one. Are you a beauty whore like me? I just adore body products–bath scrubs, gels, washes, lotions, creams, cremes, facial wash, facial spray, facial scrub…the list goes on and on (and makeup is a whole other category). I am constantly buying new products to [...]

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Bangs totally changed my life

Here’s something fun for today! As a resident blogger at Lock and Mane, a website which carries the most incredible hair products (and owned by my bestest friend ever), I wrote a blog post detailing my latest adventure in hair: getting bangs! Check out how just a few snip-snips of the scissors were able to [...]

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I’m friggin’ obsessed: Coconut Oil

Friggin’ Obsessed day is usually Friday, but I’m MOVING this weekend! And not just moving across town..I’m moving to a new state! This born and bred New York gal is hauling herself over to Western Massachusetts (Northampton to be exact) where I will be completing my dietetic internship at Keene State College (which is in [...]

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So Cakeworthy: Gotham Glow

I look amazing. Well, more amazing than usual? Why? Because it’s dark and depressing outside yet I am boasting a beautiful tan. And I haven’t even left New York! I’m leaving for Belize tomorrow (cannot WAIT) and I really didn’t want to feel like a spotlight on the beach (meaning bright and white). After not [...]

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Bringing Sexy Back: Guest post by Natalie Kath

It’s the last post of 2010! And to celebrate the end of a fabulous year, today’s post is by Natalie Kath, writer at one of my fave blogs, Slimming Down to Sexy. Go to Natalie’s site and you’ll understand why Nathalie is a Cake and Carrots girl–she approaches weight loss and health with a sense [...]

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Love Your Body Day–The Recap

Whew! What a day I had yesterday! Over 700 women signed up and tuned in to the all-day, first annual Love Your Body Day Telesummit I hosted with my mom. Coordinating the event was definitely a labor of love, and though at times I wanted to punch my fist through the computer, the end result [...]

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Beauty in every form

I was doing some internet research about intuitive eating and each time I stumble upon the most amazing things. For every 10 websites dedicated to dieting, getting thin and fit, there is one website that celebrates people (mostly women) just as they ARE in this moment. Because really, even if you DO want to lose some weight, you [...]

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