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Love Your Body Day–The Recap

Whew! What a day I had yesterday! Over 700 women signed up and tuned in to the all-day, first annual Love Your Body Day Telesummit I hosted with my mom. Coordinating the event was definitely a labor of love, and though at times I wanted to punch my fist through the computer, the end result [...]

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Intuitive Dressing: How to Discover Your Style Using Intuition as Your Guide: Bridgette Raes, Style Expert

I have a SPECIAL treat for you today, my friends. One of my most favorite people, Bridgette Raes, author, style expert diva and all around incredible woman with a drool-worthy Bikram yoga practice, has pontificated on the connection between Intuitive Eating and “Intuitive Dressing.”  Yes, there is a connection! You’ve learned about my struggle with [...]

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Should Gabby Sibide be on the Cover of Vogue

According to recent news,  Vogue has been challenged to feature the obese Gabby Sibide, star of Precious and Academy Award nominee, on its cover. The writer of this “pop-ed” piece thinks that the answer should be a definite NO (I actually know the author and like her very much, so this is not a personal attack!) [...]

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Fashion Forward

What does the way you dress say about you? What message are you sending out to the world with the way you present yourself? That’s a question that I discussed in my Total Immersion Intuitive Eating coaching class with the fabulous JoLaine Jones. When I was asked that question, “How do you think the world sees [...]

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