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Life Lessons from Vacation

Vacation for me usually involves me flopping onto a lounge chair/hammock/anything that involves flopping on, eating all the foods I normally don’t eat at home (read: sugar, desserts, lots and lots of french fries) and drinking beer. I seem to never learn my lesson.  I look down at my seemingly larger thighs, pants stretched tight,  [...]

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Becoming Superwoman

Last week I told you I was embarking on the 28 day Break Free Detox Cleanse together with the support of Matt. Week one was a bit rough as I detoxed from my sugar and refined carb cravings, but by day 5 my energy had soared. We’re well into week #2 now and we’re both [...]

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Vital Juice NY -DEALS Galore!

Do you get the Vital Juice newsletter? If that’s a yes, you get an A+. Haven’t signed up yet? Well, lucky you, this is your golden opportunity. Here at Cake and Carrots, we’re SO on top of the trends. Vital Juice is an amazing free health newsletter that dishes on the latest trends, products, and [...]

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Have you tried this? I’m slow on the uptake with this one, as my gym has never offered it. My local yoga studio  has started offering classes on Thursday night’s so I thought I’d give it a go. (For those of you who aren’t quite sure of what Zumba is, it’s a new exercise craze [...]

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