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Where the Guac meets my middle finger

I’m ranting about Burger King today. Not for the obvious reason that their food sucks, is disgusting, and is largely unfit for human consumption. That’s a whole other story. I got a promotional mailer from BK (How the heck did I, a nutritionist, get on their mailing list? Wrong target market, people!) promoting the *new* [...]

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Gin & Juice? Gin & Tonic? C&C Answers

I got a fabulous question from a C&C reader who asks: Curious about this: *With hard liquor, drink it straight up (and dirty), or with club soda. Nix the fruity mixers and tonic. Why is tonic not okay? I thought it was the same thing as club soda-carbonated water… -Lisa Let’s attack this one, shall [...]

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The Millionaire’s Diet

This ain’t any ol’ diet. This one is special and geared towards anyone in business (that’s practically everyone). Designed by my fabulous and very talented mother, Roberta Mittman, L.Ac, each week, for 6 weeks, you’ll focus on one area of your life to improve. It’s not a secret that entrepreneurs are hard workers and often [...]

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I’m friggin obsessed: Beanitos

Here’s my new fave product: Beanitos. I discovered these babies when I was volunteering for a women’s health event last weekend and they were part of the gift-bag. Simply put, Beanitos are chips. But oh, they are so much more!I  have to admit, I love anything with a good crunch (my favorite being Mary’s Gone [...]

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Touchdown Nutrition for the Superbowl

Superbowl watchers fall into two categories. First, there are the football fans that actually watch the game. And there are those, like me, who busy themselves during game time but run to the sofa to watch the commercials. But regardless of your Superbowl type, there’s one thing we all have in common: food. What do [...]

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Becoming Superwoman

Last week I told you I was embarking on the 28 day Break Free Detox Cleanse together with the support of Matt. Week one was a bit rough as I detoxed from my sugar and refined carb cravings, but by day 5 my energy had soared. We’re well into week #2 now and we’re both [...]

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