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Supermarket Sweep

Do you remember that show? I used to love watching it–people running around like crazy with their big shopping carts looking for hidden clues, as I would bite my nails screaming: “Don’t grind the coffee! It takes too much time!” Do you sometimes feel like when you’re doing your own supermarket shopping, you feel like [...]

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CleanPlates.com-A “bookmark” MUST!

I knew today was going to be a good day because it’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday, and I have awesome weekend plans. However, my morning became significantly brighter when I received an email from Jared Koch, author of Clean Plates, an awesome Zagats-esque guide reviewing over 400 healthy restaurants in Manhattan. Not only [...]

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Eating Well…Very Well!

With the end of the semester so close I can almost taste it  I’m thinking of what I want to focus on with my free time. One of the main things, besides watching copious amounts of television and hitting the gym, is getting back into cooking. Ahhh, how I’ve missed my romance with my kitchen.  [...]

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