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Back on the map and managing expectations

I’ve resurfaced (yet again) and let me tell you, it’s been a whirlwind! I’ve been living in Western Massachusetts (Northampton, to be exact) for a little over 2 weeks now and I am in LOVE with this area. It’s the perfect mix of a funky, quirky, heady downtown and farm country. Perfect for me. Unfortunately, [...]

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Food IS Medicine

As you know, I just got back from the Food as Medicine conference in Bethesda, MD. I spent 4 glorious days listening to the rock stars of holistic/integrative medicine and nutrition, like Mark Hyman MD, Neal Barnard MD,  Kathie Swift MS RD, and Chef Rebecca Katz. This conference was reinforcement that integrative nutrition is 100% [...]

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Life Lessons from Vacation

Vacation for me usually involves me flopping onto a lounge chair/hammock/anything that involves flopping on, eating all the foods I normally don’t eat at home (read: sugar, desserts, lots and lots of french fries) and drinking beer. I seem to never learn my lesson.  I look down at my seemingly larger thighs, pants stretched tight,  [...]

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Life Lessons from the Detox

As you know, I just finished a wonderful 5-day cleanse and I’ve got the empty bottles to prove it. My desire to gobble down anything with sugar is gone (for now) and I just feel goooood. Here are a few takeaways from my experience: 1. Being hungry is nothing to be afraid of. I’ve long [...]

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