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Bangs totally changed my life

Here’s something fun for today! As a resident blogger at Lock and Mane, a website which carries the most incredible hair products (and owned by my bestest friend ever), I wrote a blog post detailing my latest adventure in hair: getting bangs! Check out how just a few snip-snips of the scissors were able to [...]

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Square Peg. Round Hole. (Or Round Butt. Tight Jeans)

Yesterday I went to dinner and a movie (Green Lantern–movie was meh, but Ryan Reynolds’  abs made up for it) and enjoyed one of my last gorgeous New York nights. If you need a catch-up, I’m moving from NYC to Western Massachusetts and this Thursday is officially my last day in the city. Anyway, at [...]

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Life Lessons from Vacation

Vacation for me usually involves me flopping onto a lounge chair/hammock/anything that involves flopping on, eating all the foods I normally don’t eat at home (read: sugar, desserts, lots and lots of french fries) and drinking beer. I seem to never learn my lesson.  I look down at my seemingly larger thighs, pants stretched tight,  [...]

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Becoming Superwoman

Last week I told you I was embarking on the 28 day Break Free Detox Cleanse together with the support of Matt. Week one was a bit rough as I detoxed from my sugar and refined carb cravings, but by day 5 my energy had soared. We’re well into week #2 now and we’re both [...]

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Post-Thanksgiving Tune-Up

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday! I know I did–I spent Thanksgiving in the Berkshires with my fam, including my grandmother, brother and sis-in-law, their 2 kids (Sasha-7 months and Gabe-2 1/2)m grandmother, aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins. And yes, we did have another blechy Thanksgiving meal (seriously lackluster, restaurant shall go unnamed). However, [...]

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My Thanksgiving Chronology

In the spirit of gratitude and the holiday of Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to express a sincere thank you to my readers: the supporters that read every day, once in awhile, newbies, and everyone who has ever taken an interest in what I’ve written and posted a comment. YOU are the reason [...]

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I'm 140 pounds and in LOVE with myself!

Lately I’ve been tickled pink with my mental state around my body. A quick rundown of the facts: I’ve gained 11 pounds in the past year. I’m heavier than I’ve been in 9 years. And while I recognize I certainly need to amend certain eating and dietary habits, I am not unhappy with myself. Quite [...]

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