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GOT the facts on MILK?

I just finished watching a new documentary called “Got the Facts on Milk?”, a play on the popular “Got Milk” campaign. I am now pleased, and proud, to announce that I am a dairy-free girl. While in the past months I’ve majorly cut down on my dairy consumption (99% in the form of cheese), it’s [...]

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A fruit by any other name is still a fruit.

OK, time for a game. Which one of the following is NOT a vegetable? 1) Zucchini  2) Eggplant  3)Corn 4)Sweet Pepper 5)Beans Stumped? Here’s the answer: NONE. They’re all fruits! Wtf!? Yes, I know, mind-blowing, I know. Here’s the definition if a fruit: Plant parts that originate in the flower’s ovary and surround one or [...]

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Getting Sneaky

I’ve been having a little bit of an issue lately (well, a few, but one in particular). I haven’t been cooking as much as I normally like to. I’ve been so busy with school and work that quite honestly I’ve started to get into a lazy pattern of just eating whatever I’ve got on hand.  [...]

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Friday Nibbles

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have some great weekend plans ahead of you. I’ll be roadtrippin’ to Hartford, the Berkshires, and Saratoga Springs to see Phish play their final shows of their summer tour. Can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend!  Thank you to those who left comments about topics they [...]

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Naked Apartments-Debbie Meyers Green Bags

My post today over at Naked Apartments… Tell me if this sounds familiar: Wilted lettuce in the fridge. Mushy cucumbers. Dried-out broccoli. Overripe bananas.  Yeah, thought so. It’s always been a race against time to finish all the produce I buy from the supermarket or farmer’s market. Especially during summer when everything looks so good [...]

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