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Eat like an RD!

I’ve had the incredible pleasure this week of starting the clinical portion of my dietetic internship, working in a community hospital. This week I observed many outpatient sessions with a long-practicing dietitian (over 30 years in the industry) and I’d like to share her tips for weight loss success with you. ┬áThese 4 tips can [...]

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You Need to lose 5 pounds–Says who?

Today’s post was inspired by a fantastic newsletter that was delivered to my inbox this morning. The email, sent by Institute for the Psychology of Eating, mentioned something so good I had to read it three times. Tell me if this sounds like your inner-voice: “You have to lose 5 pounds (or 10, 20).” “You’re [...]

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Update: Kevin Smith

I came across this news update during my morning perusal of websites. If you remember, last year director Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest airlines flight because he was deemed too fat. Of course it caused quite a stir. Now, almost a year later, Smith is back in the news as he has lost [...]

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28 Day Break Free Detox Cleanse

Well, here we go…again. Y’all know I am a fan of detoxes. Heck, I’ll try anything once…or twice. But this time I’m doing the 28 day Break Free Detox Cleanse in support of my husband. I know how easy it is to get into poor eating habits. For me, I have ice cream once and [...]

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Bringing Sexy Back: Guest post by Natalie Kath

It’s the last post of 2010! And to celebrate the end of a fabulous year, today’s post is by Natalie Kath, writer at one of my fave blogs, Slimming Down to Sexy. Go to Natalie’s site and you’ll understand why Nathalie is a Cake and Carrots girl–she approaches weight loss and health with a sense [...]

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Day 4 & 5 Recap

I can give myself a gold star because baby, I’m done with the cleanse! I must say, I feel absolutely fabulous (and 4 pounds lighter). It’s not about the weight, of course, but I just feel like I’m a well oiled, perfectly humming machine. Days 4 and 5 pretty much progressed the same. My body [...]

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Perfect to jumpstart Fall: Joulebody Kickstart Cleanse

If you’ve been reading for the past month or so, you know the recently I participated in a food/juice cleanse by Joulebody. The Kickstart Cleanse, as Joulebody founder Yvette calls it, was an amazing experience that I recommend to anyone wanting to try a delivery-style cleanse but still wants to eat food. Doing an all-juice [...]

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