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It's a Pity Party—RSVP and BYOB!

So in the essence of full disclosure, I had a major pity party last night. I was procrastinating  studying for my final exam and I decided engage in a completely random activity–look through old pictures from my digital camera, as far back as Feb 2007.  It was quite entertaining and Matt and I had a [...]

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Drop down and give me 134.4 pounds!

Yes, friends, that’s my weight, right there in BIG, BOLD letters. A year ago, I would’ve been ashamed to tell you how much I weighed. Now, I feel absolutely NO emotional connection to that number. As of today. I mean come on, it’s just a number, right? Right? This morning I started Boot Camp again [...]

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Friday Nibbles

Here we are again. Another Friday…why is time passing WAYYYY too quickly? To those celebrating Rosh Hashana, Happy New Year! As you know, eating healthy isn’t always easy. To make it more confusing, some foods may SEEM healthy but in reality are trainwrecks for your waistline.  Check out this list and see if you eat [...]

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Yoga and Weight Loss

Great news for all the yoginis out there! The Journal of the American Dietetic Association recently published a study which found that yoga is linked with more eating awareness, leading to less weight gain.  Practicing yoga leads to healthier eating habits because mindfulness is such a major component of yoga. The study collected data from [...]

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